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Inspired by our holistic mission, Women Foundation Ministries programs are split in three pillars:

Spiritual, Socio-Economic and Emotional to maximize impact.

Spiritual Pillar
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I. Women Foundation Ministries Programs:
  1. Women Fellowship (Tuesdays, 5:30 - 8:30pm)

  2. Ennihakkole (Wednesdays, 11am-2pm)

  3. Upper Room (Thursdays, 10pm to midnight)

  4. Wirira Fellowship (Fridays, 5:30-8:30pm)

  5. Fire Week (Every last week of the month)

  6. Specialized Ministries: 

  • King’s Daughters

  • Godly Mothers

  • Girls Impact

  • Men & Sons of Issachar

II. Missions:
  1. Connect Conferences (Africa, Europe, North America)

  2. Sisters Forever

  3. All Women Together

III. Noble Family Church


  1. Sunday Services:

  • Morning Wings (8-10am)

  • Impact Sunday (10:30am - 12:30pm)

  1. Disciples Table

  2. Twenty one Days of Prayer & Fasting

  3. Seven Days of Worship

  4. Umugore mu Ihema, Umugabo mu Marembo

  5. Kuko Umwami Imana Inzantabara

  6. Esther Operation

  7. Twelve Days of Crossover

  8. Christmas Celebrations

  9. New Years Eve (Crossover Night)

Socio-Economic Pillar
Socio-Economic Empowerment Programs: 
  1. Ishami Center

  2. Feed my Sheep

  3. Thanksgiving in Action – Wirira Iwacu

  4. Basket of Faith

Emotional Pillar
Family Commission
  1. Couples Ministry (Glorious Families)

Wellness Ministries
  1. Counseling & Healing Sessions

  2. Hope Convention

  3. Gift of Hope (single mothers)

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